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» MassMail BETA Version


Some users are reporting problems with connection and authentication for MassMail 1.07. As we have not finalized the latest version, a BETA version of MassMail has been released as a "stop gap" to help resolve a few existing issues in 1.07.

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» New Website!

New Site Design Welcome to the new KGP Software website! The site has been completely redesigned for 2010, with an improved layout and a better search facility to help you find the software that fits your needs.

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  • SplitWave
    SplitWave is a completely free tool that divides a single wave (.wav) file into separate tracks by automatically detecting periods of silence SplitWave can handle large (>

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audio, cd, data, divide, mp3, sound, split, splitter, wav, wave

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KGP Software have been developing free and commercial Windows applications since 1996.

Our goal is to provide software that is usable, efficient, compact, and which end users can appreciate.

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