Couldn't set the correct path to PivotX automatically.
Please use 'COMPENSATE_PATH' in the file that calls render.php. For example:

define("COMPENSATE_PATH", "../weblogfolder/pivotx/");

Error opening file

The file //HP3-WINC2-SMB1.HOSTINGP3.LOCAL/DOMAINSX/206/1718206/user/htdocs/kcms2/db/ser_tags.php could not be opened for writing!

Try logging in with your ftp-client and check to see if it is chmodded to be readable by the webuser (ie: 777 or 766, depending on the setup of your server).

Current path: \\hp3-winc2-smb1.hostingp3.local\domainsx\206\1718206\user\htdocs.